The Fitness Journey

The Fitness Journey

Tyler Summerbell

Physical fitness. We all want it, or strive at least to live happier and healthier lifestyles. But do you know how to do it? Do you have what it takes? For the first you might, or might not, you may have researched how to become fit, or played sports in school so you could have a base understanding, which is perfect, but if you don’t, that is why we are both here. But for the second question, the answer is 100%, an undisputed-shout from the rooftops yes. Whether you are overweight, underweight, or simply wanting to be healthier, no matter what the case may be, you CAN and WILL accomplish what you set your mind to. When I embarked on my fitness journey, which is still in progress, I had no clue as to how I would become physically fit, when, or why.


I had played sports my whole life, but never once did I ever consider myself to be fit. Yes, I was athletic and played multiple sports, but my body suffered at the expense of my materialistic lifestyle, only living in the moment. For my first statement I mentioned how I could become physically fit. This thought ravaged through my mind for weeks. “How can I get fit, How can I get better” and it was my waking and ending thought everyday, and every second in between was dedicated to figuring out how. I spent weeks researching sites such as and others like to learn knowledge on how one can become physically fit and how to do it. I highly advise you to do research cause everyone’s body’s are different and to truly understand how your OWN body works is a magical thing. For my blog, yes it will provide a great amount of knowledge in regards to becoming physically fit, and I will be offering my service to help others becoming physically fit as well, but outside independent research is very rewarding. Back to the “HOW”.

Starting off you are going to see very little results. The term diet is interpreted many different ways, you see, I always thought diet meant cutting huge amounts of calories, and eating stuff you normally wouldn’t and in my nutrition class here at Texas State, I learned that diet meant more. Diet means “the kinds of foods that a person, animal, or community normally eat”. What this means is that whatever you are eating in that specific time, that is your diet. Not necessarily changing what you eat, but when and how. For becoming physically fit, nutrition is the number one factor in changing your lifestyle. You have got to want it, more than the will to breathe. When changing your diet to clean, healthy, nutritious foods, your body will cleanse and rid of nasty toxins in your body, ridding of pounds of water weight. Which is one of the leading factors in why results are not generally seen early on. You must push through this time period as the first weeks, maybe even month is generally when a majority of the people quit and I will not let that be you. You are going to push through the many hours put in, for the years of enjoyment afterwards. Eating clean is the beginning, the base framework to a successful fitness odyssey.

Next, you have training. Whether it be with weights or any specific training towards a sport. Training must be consistent. Consistency is another huge factor that can make or break it for you. What I mean by consistency is that if you are honest and strict with your nutrition, but lack in consistent training, you will lose weight and gain very minimal muscle but at a slow pace and you won’t see the results you are looking for. 2 days in the gym will not cut it. You must be in the gym sweating your rear end off day in and day out. 5 days a week is the sweet spot. When I first started I was doing cardio and lifting 7 days a week for sometimes 2+ hours a day. Between nutrition and training along with your own individual drive and motivation, with outside encouragement through me personally, or through my blog, you CAN to change your life towards physical fitness or becoming healthier in general.


The time is now. Something I struggled with during the beginning of my journey was putting it off till later. What I mean is, I would have periods of time where I would be consistent in the gym, but I would hit times where I would say “Oh tomorrow I will go” and then tomorrow would hit and I would say the same thing and it would repeat over and over. At one point I had decided to start again and keep at it, and at the time it was June around when I tore my ACL, and I said “I will start when school starts back up in August and when my knee feels better”. This is not the mindset you want and I figured that out the next day cause I asked myself “Tyler, if you wait till August you are giving up 2 months of change, 2 months time to work and change your body”. I started immediately. I did not wait till August. If you start now, you get change sooner than later. If you wait till later to start you could have been finishing if you started a long time ago. It’s calling your name, and it’s time to put in work.


Whether you want to change your physical appearance, become a better athlete, or become healthy, there are many different reasons that all matter, be regardless the reason everyone wanting to become physically fit is welcome into the community, united as one. For me, the decision was simple. I was the heaviest I have ever weighed and my life for the first time felt as if I was not in control, that I was in a huge cage fight with 100 different people versus me. At the time I had just been dumped from a 2 year relationship, so the urge to become more attractive and better than I was before was at an all time high. Now a year + that point, I am in a new, healthy relationship and I have never been happier. I wanted to become better physically and mentally. This entire process made me who I am today, the ups and downs, the injuries and more. No matter why you are wanting this, the fact that you WANT it, is what brought you here today.

Whether you are reading this today, tomorrow, or weeks in the future, I will be providing more information and knowledge across nutrition, weight lifting, motivation and more on my blog.  I appreciate you stopping by and if you want to stay connected please follow my blog so you can stay up to date what is going on fitness related. If you want to connect via social media, and have a peek into my personal life, I will provide links down below across my platforms.


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