Food Industry: Closing the Gap on Serving Positions

The Closing Gap in the Food Industry


Waiters and Waitresses are the elite job positions when it comes to the food industry. The hierarchy flow of the status of employees goes as followed: busboy, hostess, bartender, and server. Now this gets me to the topic today and that’s getting into the field of serving. The definition of serv·ing means a quantity of food suitable for or served to one person. To me, this doesn’t sound to be too challenging as I just applied for a position to be a server to a company. I have never had experience serving, but I do acquire good people skills, communication, kindness, and patience. Those are traits I believe to be essential to any server. The company I applied for had scheduled me an interview, and upon arrival and beginning the interview I was confident I was the man for the job. The first question asked was, have you ever been a server which I immediately replied no I have not. The manager tells me” well first off, we don’t hire anyone with less than 2 years experience”. I tried not to be offended as I am confident in my work ethic and will to learn new things. This brings me to my overarching topic or theme to this post.

If most companies are requiring 2 years experience, how is anyone outside the serving industry going to get any experience for that matter. I’m not the best with numbers and or statistics but if less and less people are able to get into the industry, and unless the servers today stay serving tables forever, the gap is going to close. There won’t be any able to serve because they don’t have freaking 2 years worth of experience!

So this is for you, the stingy companies thinking they’re too good for entry level servers, you’re wrong and I don’t want to serve your tables anyway.


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